Delight your customers.

Create mood lighting. Save energy with intelligent sensing. Unlock doors and open curtains from a touch-screen interface. Welcome to the future of hotels.

What’s Hotel Automation?

Hotel automation is connecting all the functional elements, like, lighting, HVAC, multimedia, security, curtains etc. to a network and accessing it from your smartphone, tablet or computer device. Our retrofit automation concepts fit easily behind your existing electrical sockets, and require no internal wiring.  

From controlling lights in the comfort of your bed to automating the curtains at sunset, we help hotels deliver futuristic customer experiences. All our concepts and use-cases come backed by premium brands , and we offer lifetime customer support to make sure you have a hassle-free automation experience. 


Smart Lighting

Intelligent Scenes

Proactive Surveillance

Climate Control

Access Control

Wi-Fi Setup

Energy Efficiency

Fire/Flood Protection

Engagement boosts profitability.

According to Gallup Survey 2014, engaged customers are comparatively less price-sensitive, because their emotional connection with the brand justifies the premium pricing. Surprisingly, 33% luxury guests spent almost twice compared to other customers, and were much more likely to pick hotels that delivered premium experiences. 

Interestingly, the survey also mentions how over 55% luxury guests were willing to pay extra for improved multimedia, comfort and Internet services. In other words, engaged customers not only spend more, but can also become your biggest brand advocates.

Segment % Fully Engaged Average amount Spent
Upper Upscale
Upper Midscale

Add an extra to your hotel experience.

As the luxury segment gets more competitive, every hotel chain is looking to delight their customers with experiences that they have never had before. While beautiful interiors and exquisite art pieces add a royal touch, functional experiences provide a talking point to customers.

Think about it. Every luxury hotel has a swanky entrance and posh interiors. Every luxury hotel provides an extensive set of amenities, right from swimming pools to refreshing spas. So how can you add that extra star to your hotel? How can you create memorable experiences that guest want to talk about to their friends/family?

Automation uses the power of technology to create delightful experiences for your guests, making your hotel stand out from the crowd.

Match every mood. Every emotion.

From instantly creating a romantic setup to getting the office room ready in just a few minutes, you can now change your hotel’s ambience to match every mood, every emotion, every occasion.

Go keyless with advanced access control

No more waking up from the bed to open the door for room service or food order. With smart locks, guests can now lock/unlock their rooms using their voice or from a portable, touchscreen device.

Setup Free/Paid Wi-Fi Service for customers

Give FREE internet access to guests for a pre-defined time. Start billing them for every extra hour, day or MB of data with intelligent network analysis tools.

work, home, laptop

Automate climate control.

Just like that. Give your guests the comfort to intelligently set their room temperature from a touch-screen interface. The best part? You can even use intelligent sensors to auto-calibrate the room temperature based on the weather outside.

Save energy with intelligent sensing.

Did you know that you can save up to 30% energy costs, just by optimising switching times and dimming lights when they’re not in use? Establish a green workplace. Intelligently save energy, without compromising on comfort.

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